Интенсив для инвесторов
«Insiders Silicon Valley»

Для представителей венчурных фондов и бизнес-ангелов, которые
работают над созданием фонда и структуры сделок или хотят
варифицировать существующую инвесторскую деятельность

Cohort 3

15 июля 2019 – 23 августа 2019
Прием заявок до 28 июня

By invitation, recommendation or referral only

A unique opportunity to shape your vision, maximize your capital’s efficiency… and impact the world. Take a deep dive into the world of venture capital along with an incredible network of top Silicon Valley and global investors


WEEK 1-6 15 Jule – 9 August

Воркшопы и online курс в формате «Blended learning»

В результате вы верифицируете существующий или создадите свой LP-deck

По пятницам 9:00–11:30
Yellow Door, Москва

WEEK 7 18 August – 23 August

Личные и групповые встречи с представителями венчурных и корпоративных фондов, акселераторов, ангельских структур, family offices и пр

Silicon Valley, California

Что вы узнаете

Intimate approach

Highly flexible, to fit your busy schedule. Closed-door, so we can delve into the intimate details


What are key trends that drive transformation of your particular verticals, and the venture industry?


We not only predict but help create the future. 


How do top players form venture funds, how do they form and vet pipelines, make decisions, provide maximal value?


What are various investment stratagies, how will you formulate the one that fits your objectives? 

«Insiders» techniques

What are varieties of ways to technically structure, manage and close funds. 


The key to all truly successful funds: Grow your local and global network, invest along with top players around the world

Highly practical

At the end of the program you have a Fund ready to go, or your current Fund raised to a whole new level

Something magical happens when you put some of the world's most innovative minds in a single room

Meet, learn from & work with some
of the best investors in Silicon Valley
... and around the world

Garry Tan
Managing Partner
Initialized Capital
Andy Bromberg
Founder & CEO
CoinList, Sidewire
Ann Miura-Ko
Co-Founder & Partner
Jim Smith
General Partner
Mohr Davidow
Dixon Doll
Co-founder & Partner
DCM and Impact Venture Capital
Gamiel Gran
Director of Strategic Development & Corporate Innovation
Paul Buchheit
Y Combinator
Curtis L. Mo
DLA Piper
Réza Malekzadeh
General Partner
Steve Sloane
Menlo Ventures
Renata Quintini
Lux Capital
Ramneek Gupta
Managing Director
Citi Ventures

We live in a hyper-developing, high-tech, fast-paced, computerized, scientific, technological social order and an interconnected global economy continually evolving around us. ​

Great investors not only feel the cutting edge, but help create it. They are deeply interconnected, know the intricacies of how to choose, build and support the right teams, technologies and markets. They have a strong sense of the evolving investment landscape around them.

Seize this unique opportunity to catch this 'edge', build on your years of experience in business and technology. Refine you passion, vision and unique differentiators.

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